Used Car Inspection Costs 2023

Before purchasing a used car, make sure you mark off every possible task and/or need on your checklist. Finding the right price combined with safety features and a successful test drive should be the top items on that list. But, before completing the purchase, an inspection is crucial. What is typical for used car inspection cost, though? This post will look at all the factors.

Inspect Before Buying

Experts in the car industry say all used cars should be inspected before completing a final purchase of the vehicle. Even a buyer with plenty of mechanical experience should defer to the professionals in this case. Instead of having a mechanic chosen by the dealership, it is recommended that you hand select a mechanic that you know to perform this vital inspection. Part of the inspection process could include a test drive, if not beforehand. Having an experienced mechanic present for the test drive will give you a better idea of any potential suspension issues. Dealerships and individual sellers truly understand the value of a pre-purchase inspection. It can raise the value of the vehicle as well as provide assurance to the customer that he or she is not being taken advantage of.

After a thorough inspection by the potential buyer, make sure to set up the pre-purchase inspection, personally. Expect this process to take several hours, with costs starting around $100. If you do not have a mechanic you know, request that the car is inspected by a certified auto repair shop. Agree on time and date with the dealership and bring the vehicle in for a comprehensive inspection. When the inspection is completed, take home a copy of the inspection report. Some dealers only check for catastrophic issues with the used cars they are selling. Sometimes when a vehicle is inspected and marked as safe, it merely means the car is safe to drive off the lot. It does not mean the car is in great condition and can withstand years of use. When a car is marked as “certified”, it means the car has been subjected to a more thorough inspection. A “certified” sticker is good news for any potential car buyers. Even with the “certified” marker, one should still request a full inspection report from the dealership. The last step is to figure out what kind of warranty or limited warranty is included with the vehicle.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

A pre-purchase car inspection includes all of the following:

  • Wheel alignment and suspension.
  • Wear on tires and brake pads.
  • Checks for issues with body, frame and engine.
  • Checks for prior flood or fire damage.
  • Transmission issues.
  • Full check of any strange noises coming from the vehicle.
  • Fuel lines, gas tank and exhaust.
  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • Wiring, stereo and internal/external lighting.

Average Inspection Costs

A typical pre-purchase inspection costs between $132-$200 depending on the vehicle.

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