What Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

Finding the right used car can be a long and tedious process, especially when the buyer isn’t fully prepared with a proper checklist. Before even heading to the lot, a car buyer should have already put together a budget and a questionnaire to ensure the best buying experience possible. In case you are wondering about what questions you should ask when buying a used car, then let this post be your guide!

Used Car Budget

The first thing to do is set a budget before heading out to the used car dealership. So, what should one’s budget look like or reflect? It is recommended that no more than 20% of your monthly income be spent on car payments. This includes money spent on insurance, gas and other expenses that arise during car ownership. Finalize a budget before beginning the shopping process.

Previous Used Car Owner(s)

The importance of knowing how the car was used previously cannot be overstated. The car’s use heavily depends on who was driving it, obviously. For instance, a teenage driver with little experience could have put more stress on the vehicle than an elderly driver. Once previous ownership and use is calculated, you will be able to properly add up expected costs for repairs and upkeep.

Vehicle History Report

In an ideal world, the used car dealership would have service records on file for each individual vehicle. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Having a full service report available is crucial to knowing whether or not the vehicle has been properly maintained in the past. Make it a point to ask the used car salesman if he or she has access to service reports for any car you are interested in purchasing.

Test Drive

It is a question every prospective buyer should be asking – can I take this car for a quick spin? However you want to phrase the question, a test drive is maybe the final but essential step of the car-buying process. The service reports and pricing are great, but you won’t know for sure if this is the car for you until you get behind the steering wheel. Does the car have the desired amount of power, is it easy to steer or are the brakes too sensitive; these are things you must figure out for yourself on a test drive.

Vehicle Warranty

Many automakers will set up transferable warranty options that can be passed from owner to owner. This can also be true if you wish to buy from a private owner. So, whether you are choosing to buy from a dealership or an individual, make sure to ask about the car’s warranty.

Why Is The Car Being Sold?

Last but not least, be straightforward when asking why this particular vehicle is for sale. It could be an obvious answer like outgrowing the car or looking for an upgrade, but there may be serious issues with the vehicle that the owner may not wish to disclose up front. Typically, this is a question for a private owner, but do not be afraid to investigate a certain car’s history while at the used car dealership.

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