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You have a budget set and a particular car model in mind. The next step of the car-buying plan is to figure out where is the best place to buy a used car. This is the perfect checklist to follow if you’re looking for fast and friendly customer service with affordable inventory.

Why Buy A Used Car?

Especially for first time buyers, the obvious question may be why one should invest in a used car rather than a new car? There are actually many reasons why a used car is the better investment of the two options. First and foremost, you will save money on the purchase prize. Regardless of the year, make and model, a used car will always cost less than the new version. Depreciation is also a lot less with a vehicle that has been running for at least three years. Plus, the life of today’s automobiles has steadily improved over time. Today, the average car will remain on the road for just over 11 years. Going off that average, if you bought a three-year-old used car, it’s possible you could continue to use that vehicle for another eight years or so. That’s not a bad investment at all.

Detailed vehicle history reports are readily available courtesy of companies like Carfax. This is an invaluable resource for prospective buyers. To know how the car was used and serviced are essential pieces of information before purchase. Lower insurance rates will be available after buying a used car instead of a new one. The car’s value at time of purchase is a key factor here. In addition to lower insurance rates, a wide array of payment plans can be offered by used car dealerships. Some dealers will even offer the buy here pay here option, which is perfect for buyers with bad or no credit at all.

With these statistics available, it’s no wonder why used car sales more than doubled the total sales of new cars in 2019.

In Power Motors

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Speaking of buy here pay here options, In Power Motors has been a leader in the used car business for over a decade. Located throughout Arizona’s valley, In Power Motors offers buy here pay here plans on approved credit. This means most individuals with bad or zero credit can take home their used car today with an in-house payment plan. With four locations, ranging from Phoenix to Tolleson, In Power Motors provides buyers with top-notch customer service and expertise. Pre-approval and online applications are available through In Power. These lots are filled with quality cars, trucks and SUVs. A first-time or longtime driver will be blown away with all that In Power has to offer.

Come check out some of the largest inventories in the state when looking for your next vehicle!

Used Cars In Phoenix

If you would like to find a used car dealership in Phoenix that knows how to take care of their customers, please visit We have a huge list of $500 – $1500 Down (O.A.C. – On Approved Credit) used cars for sale.

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